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We are looking for participants as part of the research project Acknowledging and Responding to Mistreatment in CARegiving (ARMCAR)

The Research Chair on Mistreatment of Older Adults is looking for employees, volunteers or their supervisors within non-profit organization, cooperative or social economy enterprise in home care whose mission is to offer direct services to informal caregivers to participate to a research project. With the goal of learning about their needs for training on the subject of the management of situations of mistreatment toward persons aged 50 years and older within a caregiving context, we are asking the participants to fill out an online questionnaire (about 20 minutes) and, if they want, to also take part in an individual interview (about 45 minutes).


The goal of the project is to develop an online training program for informal caregivers, as well as for organizations offering them support. We invite you to consult the recruitment poster  to learn more, as well as to get access to the link for the online questionnaire.


The Chair is realizing this project in collaboration with the University of Laval, the University of Montreal, le Centre de recherche et d’expertise en gérontologie sociale (CREGÉS), Proche aidance Québec, as well as the Regroupement des organismes montérégiens d’aidants naturels (ROMAN). This project was made possible thanks to a financial contribution from the Public Health Agency of Canada. The views expressed as part of this project does not necessarily reflect the official position of the Public Health Agency of Canada. Consult the web page of the ARMCAR project, to obtain information about the project as a whole and the consent form for detailed information on the modalities of the data collection.


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