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Themes: Awareness
The Chair wants to inform you that the National Caregivers Week 2023 will take place from November 5 to November 11. This campaign aims to recognize every caregivers and the important role they play in society. For more information consult the following link (Available in French only):
The Entretiens Jacques Cartier took place from October 9 to 11 this year in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. For information, see: Le programme | Entretiens Jacques Cartier. Mélanie Couture, Chairholder, participated as a guest speaker to the session Accueil, Soin Psychique et Équité pour la Personne Précaire (ASPEPP) on the morning of Octobre 11, 2023 in Lyon in the company of Yves Couturier (UdeS), Vincent Rialle (Université Grenoble-Alpes), Laurence Langer-Sautière (City of Lyon) and Nicole Borie (CPT of Lyon) : Accueil, Soin Psychique et Équité pour la Personne Précaire (ASPEPP) | Entretiens Jacques Cartier. The Chair contributed to the understanding of organizational mistreatment.
Themes: Tool, training and wellness care
Four times a year, The Regroupement québécois des résidences pour aînés (RQRA) publishes their magazine L’Adresse. In the latest edition published on September 15, the Chair had the opportunity to publish an article giving a glimpse of the Program GIFT ( Goodwill against Intolerance For Togetherness) in residence's content entitled Program GIFT in residence: equiping yourself to promote goodwill and counter intolerance between residents (free translation of Programme BIEN en résidence : s’outiller pour promouvoir la bienveillance et lutter contre l’intolérance entre les résidents).
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