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Contributing to counter mistreatment: A guide addressed to Age Friendly Communities (free translation of Contribuer à la lutte contre la maltraitance: Guide à l’intention des municipalités amies des aînés) is a guide that was developed for the Department of Health and Social services of the government of Québec. It is intended for actors of local and regional county municipalities committed to an Age friendly community (free translation of Municipalité amie des aînés, or MADA) approach inside their territories. Marie Beaulieu, Chairholder, and Julien Cadieux Genesse, previous coordinator of the Chair, were the pillars for the development of this guide in collaboration with the MADA research team.
The World Health Organization (WHO) published, on June 15, 2022, during the World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, a list of five priorities to put forward before 2030 as part of the United Nations’ (UN) Decade of Healthy Ageing. It is an international document to which the Chair contributed significantly. Marie Beaulieu is thanked for her important contribution to the development of these priorities by conceptualising them, the administration of the project and the review of the document. The Chair is proud to be associated to the whole process that led to the production of this document and these priorities.
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The fourth edition of the of geriatrics (free translation of Précis pratique de gériatrie) has just been published under the coordination of the Drs. Lussier and Massoud. They took the torch following the Drs. Arcand and Hébert who steered the three first editions. Since the first edition of the publication in 1987, the practice evolved. The organization of healthcare as well as the services for older adults, the teaching of geriatrics and gerontology as well as the research have considerably grown.
The International Society for Research on Aggression (ISRA) brings together researchers and professionals committed in the scientific study of aggression and violence. The 2022 congress took place from July 18 to July 22 in Ottawa. Marie Beaulieu presided on July 21 a symposium entitled Aggression Towards Older Adults: An Overview and Contemporary Issues.
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