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Watch a webinar hosted by Emmanuel Niyonsaba, Ph. D. in Sociology from the University of Havre in France, on family mistreatment of older adult members in Senegal (February 2021)

This one-hour conference entitled ‘Family Mistreatment of Older Adults in Senegal: The gap between discourse and the reality experienced by older adults,’ is based on the doctoral thesis of Mr. Niyonsaba completed in 2018. In French only.

 Emmanuel Niyonsaba presents his conference as “ … (an exploration of) the gap between discourse and the realities experienced by older adults in family configurations and the contradictions that surround the dominant paradigm of good treatment in Africa, where the notion of mistreatment remains unimaginable in the collective consciousness. As a result of my inquiries done in Senegal during my doctoral research, it will demonstrate how the absence of resources or a concept of ‘vulnerability’ can lead to psychological, organisational, or even financial mistreatment when the older adult becomes a burden to a working-class family.”

You are invited to watch the video conference at the Media Library of the Research Chair website.

If you have questions or commentaries for Mr. Emmanuel Niyonsaba, please contact him by e-mail.