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Family mistreatment of older adults in Senegal : shift between discourse and the realities experienced (Available in French only)

February 3, 2021, Québec

Title : La maltraitance familiale des aînés au Sénégal : décalage entre discours et réalités vécues

Presenter : Emmanuel Niyonsaba (Ph. D. in sociology)

Summary : This presentation will explore the shift between the discourse and the realities experienced by elders in familial configurations and the contradictions around the dominant paradigm of wellness care in Africa where mistreatment is still unimaginable in the collective representations. Based on investigations realised in Senegal by Emmanuel Niyonsaba as part of his doctoral research, it will specifically show how the lack of resources or the “vulnerability” can expose a type of psychological, organisational, and even financial mistreatment when the older adults becomes a burden for modest families.