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A launch of awareness-raising and identification tools for the mistreatment of older caregivers will be held on April 28, 2021 (April 2021)

Themes: Awareness

One of the objectives of the project entitled La maltraitance envers les aînés proches aidants et les proches aidants d’aînés : Reconnaître, sensibiliser et prévenir (Mistreatment of Older Adults as Caregivers and Caregivers of Older Adults: Recognise, raise awareness and prevent) led by Sophie Éthier (ULaval), with Marie Beaulieu as co-researcher, is to develop a poster and activities guide addressed to caregivers that can be used in interventions.

This toolkit aims to raise the awareness of caregivers to mistreatment perpetrated towards them by those they help, to better understand how to protect themselves, and to offer helpful resources for these situations. The toolkit will include three informative brochures – one for the caregivers, one for the older adults, and one for interveners. The material is available in French and English.

The toolkit is the result of a research-action project led in collaboration with the Regroupement des aidants naturels du Québec and includes the participation of 25 organisations actively engaged with older adults and their caregivers. Its launch will take place on April 28, 2021, between 11h30 and 13h00 via a web platform.

Register soon, only a 100 places are available and this webinar will not be broadcast afterwards.