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Marie Beaulieu will speak twice at the University of Moncton’s 5th edition of its Summer School of Professional Development on Aging (June 2021)

Themes: Conference

At the Opening Conference on June 6, from 7:30 pm to 9 pm, the Chairholder, as the guest speaker, will discuss the incentives and obstacles to asking for help in situations of mistreatment or bullying of older adults.

The following text briefly describes the content of her address:

  • ‘Following an episode of mistreatment or bullying, many older adults are reticent or hesitant to ask for help. We need a better understanding of what impedes and what encourages them to seek help and facilitates attention to and support of their situation. Issues of being ashamed, fearing reprisals, lacking capacity, wishing to protect family ties, being anxious about greater isolation or rejection, etc., will be addressed. The presentation will also deal with how to rely on positive aspects such as a better understanding of what is mistreatment and bullying, the desire to recapture control of one’s life, etc.’

The next day, her second address will specifically focus on countering the mistreatment of caregivers and demystify certain myths:

‘Caregivers have often been associated with the mistreatment of those under their care. Recent research shows that it may be the caregivers themselves who are the targets of mistreatment from institutions (healthcare networks, public or community organisations), from the older adult’s entourage (family members and friends), the older adult themself (intentionally or not) and even from themselves (self-negligence).

This mistreatment manifests itself in the following ways: (1) the imposition of the role of caregiver and also an acute sense of responsibility, (2) judgments of decisions on how to do things (practices), (3) the normalisation of their role, (4) denial of their expertise, (5) denial of their needs, (6) psychological and/or physical violence suffered, and (7) impoverishment. We shall look at how to approach caregivers on this subject.’

You may still register for the summer program via the University of Moncton’s website. You may also register for online (distance) attendance.