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December 2, Marie Beaulieu speaks during a webinar organised by the Canadian Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (CNPEA) (December 2020)

The defense of the rights of older adults is at the heart of this presentation broadcast nationally by the Canadian Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse.

Drawing from a recently published article, available free of charge, Marie Beaulieu presents the results of a survey, led by the Research Chair on the Mistreatment of Older Adults, of 18 members of the International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (INPEA).

 From this presentation, certain issues concerning the violation of rights require particular attention to avoid their repetition:

1) The existence of a social climate coloured by ageism being a secondary concern in the preventive measures implemented by governments to ensure the protection of older adults and that favoured the measures taken in hospital settings;

2) The mismanagement of the crisis in certain settings also influenced the quality and quantity of healthcare and other services offered to older adults; an issue leading to negligence in response to fundamental needs (food, hydration, hygiene, etc.);

3) A lack of personnel trained and qualified in the management of infections and a scarcity of personal protective equipment intended to stop outbreaks in care facilities for older adults also put at risk the physical integrity of older adults.

If this preview made you curious, you can learn more by watching the webinar by clinking this link. 

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