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Marie Beaulieu records a video as part of the launch of French-language training on the promotion of wellness care and the prevention of mistreatment (November 2021)

Since 2021, Marie Beaulieu has been one of the experts involved with the working group of the Centre national de ressources en travail social (CNRTS) (National Resource Center of Social Work) created by the French Ministry of Health and Solidarity.

The committee is notably mandated to ensure the development of professional practices in social work regarding the fight to counter mistreatment.

Marie Beaulieu contributes by sharing her wealth of scientific knowledge in countering the mistreatment of older adults and promoting wellness care. She brings years of experience as a social gerontologist and professor at the University of Sherbrooke’s School of Social Work.

This short video will be used as a preamble to online training developed by Luminess and deployed by the Ministry of Health and Solidarity of France.

Stay tuned, more details to come!