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The webinar given by Marie Beaulieu as part of the knowledge transfer activities of the Canadian Association on Gerontology is now available. (March 2020)

On February 13, 2020, Marie Beaulieu led a webinar conference in English entitled, Mistreatment of Older Persons: From research to practice guides.

 This conference (available free-of-charge on-line) positions the common thread of Marie Beaulieu’s research work, “through the perspective of applied social gerontology, i.e., not only having the possibility of influencing the development and update of public policies, but also of producing practical guidance material for a variety of interveners (healthcare professionals, police, volunteers, etc.).

This conference briefly presents the research data that led to the production of five (5) practice guides:

  • The first centers on the ethical and psycho-social issues encountered in the field
  • The second deals with police practices in countering mistreatment
  • The third addresses a problem related to mistreatment: self-neglect
  • A fourth tackles the obstacles and incentives to the demand for help by older adults experiencing mistreatment
  • Further development of the intersectoral teams of police and psycho-social interveners in countering mistreatment.

Click on the link below to view this webinar. Please note that, at this time, it is only available in English.