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The Research Chair will be well represented at the 88th ACFAS Congress (Non-profit francophone association in support of knowledge) (May 2021)

With seven presentations in various symposiums, the members of the Research Chair on Mistreatment of Older Adults put forward the advances resulting from their various research projects.

In the symposium entitled ‘Public Denunciations and Intersectionalities: Impacts on intervention, prevention, and research in the field of violence against women,’ Caroline Pelletier and Fanta Fane will present the results of their doctoral research:

Following this presentation, Fanta Fane will offer her reflections in the symposium entitled ‘Paternal Identity in the Context of Migration’ by expounding on the profound mutations arising from changing roles and status in immigrant couples.

Marie-Chantal Falardeau, a post-doctoral intern under the direction of Marie Beaulieu, will take the floor during the symposium entitled ‘The Development and Functioning of Individuals, Their Communities and Social Lives’. She will present the preliminary results of a partnership project led by the Chair.

The symposium ‘Inclusive Practices in the Context of Aging Diversity: Intersections of identities and environments’ will welcome Marie Beaulieu. She will present the results of the research project Psychological and financial mistreatment of older adults with disabilities in Québec.

The outcome of realist review  associated with a project in which Marie Beaulieu was a co-researcher will be presented in the symposium ‘Population Aging: How to promote and improve the social participation and healthy, active lifestyle of  older adults?’

Lastly, the practice tool ‘Wellness Care for Caregivers: A shared responsibility’ will be presented in the symposium ‘Experiences that challenge policies: Comparative views on caregiving in 2021.’