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Watch the interventions of the Chair during it’s participation to nine transfer and distribution of knowledge activities during the month of November 2021 (December 2021)

Themes: Conference

During the month of November 2021, Marie Beaulieu has spoken as part of eight scientific conferences and a transfer of knowledge activity with a wide audience.

You can watch the presentations when available by clicking directly on the references listed.

Conference on invitation :

Scientific conferences :

  • Somers, S., Beaulieu, M., Brownell, P., Yan, E., Fenech, M. A., Perel Levin, S. (November 12, 2021). Abuse of older women in time of pandemic – Perspectives of international network for prevention of elder abuse. International Federation on Ageing. Niagara Falls, Ontario (Canada).
  • Falardeau, M-C., Beaulieu, M., Carbonneau, H., & Levasseur, M. (November 11, 2021). Resident-to-resident aggression (RRA) in a COVID-19 context: Effects for older adults and for RRA in independent living facilities in Quebec, Canada. Communication présentée au 15th Global Conference de l’International Federation on Aging, Niagara Falls, Canada.
  • Beaulieu, M. (Nov. 11th, 2021) Mistreatment of Disabled Older Persons in Symposium Ageism compounding marginalization. Communication presented at the au 15th Global Conference of the International Federation on Aging, Niagara Falls (Canada).
  • Beaulieu, M., Yon, Y., Mikton, C. Campo Tena, L. & Shawar, Y. (Nov. 10, 2021). An analysis of the role of global actors and networks in raising policy priority for elder abuse and neglect in symposium Pandemic Impact on Social and Community Engagement. Communication presented at the 15th Global Conference of the International Federation on Aging, Niagara Falls (Canada)
  • Nobels, A., Lemmens G., Thibau L., Beaulieu M., Vandeviver C., & Keygnaert I. (November 11, 2021) “Time does not heal all wounds”: Mental health impact of sexual victimization in old age. 14th EUPHA Conference [online].