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A Self-care Guide on COVID-19 is Available for All Quebecers. Pass it on! (April 2020)

Themes: Awareness Tool

Now available free-of-charge on the website of the Minister of Health and Social Services, the guide offers essential information on ‘what you need to know to protect yourself and the health of others’ and is based on the latest scientific knowledge on COVID-19.

The guide has 24 sections covering different topics:

  • Ways in which the virus is transmitted;
  • Its symptoms and what to do when someone exhibits these symptoms (consultation, testing, etc.);
  • Preventative hygiene measures for individuals and families;
  • For older adults, self-care begins with preventive isolation in their homes, but also when they exhibit symptoms associated with COVID-19;
  • A ‘Decision Fact Sheet’ at the end of the guide that summarizes the various sections.

The Self-care Guide is a valuable tool for everyone – please help distribute it.

How to stay informed on the current situation in Quebec and Canada?

 Many official sources of information are available to you, including: