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Marie Beaulieu is co-signatory to a scientific commentary on ageism in this time of pandemic published in Britain’s ‘Journal on Age and Ageing’ (May 2020)

Themes: Media

Entitled ‘Ageism and COVID-19: What does our society’s response say about us?’, this scientific commentary brings together over 40 worldwide researchers working in the field of ageing.

This reflective and critical text is divided into seven sections. It is, in part, an analysis of public and political discourse, both tainted with ageist remarks. The document also looks at the influence of contemporary social media on the spread of prejudices, stereotypes, and discriminatory behaviours based solely on one’s age.

The co-signatories finish by strongly underlining that this unprecedented situation has also generated a spontaneous outpouring of intergenerational solidarity, and hope it continues to lift the dark shroud hanging over existing discourse.

Le Devoir newspaper has a partial, French translation of this commentary on its website.