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Publication of a scientific article, co-authored by Marie Beaulieu, in the magazine Groupwork (June 2020)

This scientific article is based on the research work done by a team led by Sophie Éthier of Laval University, more specifically from the project entitled ‘The mistreatment of older caregivers and the mistreatment of older adults by their caregivers: Acknowledge, Raise Awareness and Prevent, in which Marie Beaulieu was a co-researcher.

Strengthening the development of philosophical education for caregivers of older adults is at the forefront of this text.  It is more specifically a question of their ‘moral experience’ in the exercise of their roles.

Throughout the article, the theoretical model supporting the ethical and philosophical reflective activities of the group is detailed. A description of the seven stages of developing the moral responsibility associated with their roles as caregivers shapes the group’s activities.

It is possible to cinsult the summary of the project La maltraitance envers les aînés proches aidants et les proches aidants d’aînés : Reconnaître, sensibiliser et prévenir ( Mistreatment towards older adults who are caregivers and caregivers for older adults: Recognize, raise awareness and prevent) on our website.