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Members of the Chair publish a chapter on mistreatment of older adults in the 4th edition of the Practical précis of geriatrics (free translation of Précis pratique de gériatrie)

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The fourth edition of the of geriatrics (free translation of Précis pratique de gériatrie) has just been published under the coordination of the Drs. Lussier and Massoud. They took the torch following the Drs. Arcand and Hébert who steered the three first editions. Since the first edition of the publication in 1987, the practice evolved. The organization of healthcare as well as the services for older adults, the teaching of geriatrics and gerontology as well as the research have considerably grown.

Marie Beaulieu, Chairholder, Julien Cadieux Genesse, former coordinator of the Chair, and Kevin St-Martin, current co-coordinator of the Chair, wrote the chapter entitled “Mistreatment of older adults” (free translation of La maltraitance envers les personnes aînées). This chapter is comprised of three parts: a summary of the knowledge, a detailed presentation of the different intervention phases (identification, evaluation, planning of the response and intervention) and a schematization of practice to counter mistreatment.

Summary of the book:

“The last decades have known an important improvement of older adults’ life expectancy and health condition. This implies an adaptation of medical care for common diseases that affect younger adults, but also those that are typically linked to aging. It is not surprising that the World Health Organization declares the 2020-2030 decade the one of healthy aging. The bigger scaled therapeutic trials aiming at common diseases include more and more older adults and therapeutic outcomes adapted to aging, such as loss of autonomy and or the aggravation of an underlying geriatric syndrome” (Les librairies, (free translation).

Reference of the chapter: Beaulieu, M., Cadieux Genesse, J. & St-Martin, K. (2022). La maltraitance envers les personnes aînées. Dans Lussier, D. & Massoud, F. (Éds). Précis pratique de gériatrie (p. 1013-1038). 4e édition. Edisem.

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