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Marie-Chantal Falardeau, post-doctoral student under the supervision of Marie Beaulieu, wins a scholarship of $70,000 (July 2020)

Themes: Award Students

In June, Marie-Chantal Falardeau was granted a $70,000 scholarship from the Mitacs Accélération Program. It will be disbursed over the two years of Marie-Chantal’s post-doctoral studies under the supervision of Marie Beaulieu.

As part of a research study at the Chair that is already underway, Marie-Chantal will be tasked (June 2020 to December 2022) with:

  1. Documenting the practices to counter intolerance between residents and the promotion of good treatment in private retirement residences (PRR).
  2. Developing a program to promote good treatment and counter situations of intolerance between residents (prevention, identification, intervention) and implementing it.
  3. Evaluating the program’s implementation to counter situations of intolerance and promote good treatment.

We invite you to consult the descriptive page of the project entitled ‘Program to Promote ‘Living Well Together’ and Counter Resident-to-resident Mistreatment’: Improving community living in private retirement residences’ to obtain more information on the context of Marie-Chantal’s project.

The Research Chair sends Marie-Chantal their congratulations!