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Marie Beaulieu sits on the Government of Québec’s Committee of Experts concerning the prevention and fight against bullying and cyberbullying (October 2021)

Established by the Québec Minister of Families following the adoption of the Concerted Action Plan to Prevent and Counter Bullying and Cyberbullying 2020–2025 this seven-member committee supports the ministry in the implementation of its first measure, which is:

“To adopt a digital communication strategy aimed at bringing information on bullying and cyberbullying together in one place, proposing prevention and intervention tools for different clienteles, and facilitating exchanges among stakeholders as well a referrals to support resources.”

As Chairholder and drawing from the Chair’s extensive work on bullying and cyberbullying of older adults, Marie Beaulieu will ensure that communication and intervention strategies geared towards this population are spotlighted.

To accomplish this, she will most notably be called upon to:

  • Validate the tools of the financial aid program Working Toward a Society Free of Bullying that will be promoted on the platform,
  • Propose themes or topics for the production of materials,
  • Regularly advise intervenors on specific issues raised during the committee’s discussion forums.

The committee’s work will get underway in winter 2022.