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As co-author, Marie Beaulieu publishes a scientific article on the sexual mistreatment of older adults (July 2020)

Entitled: “Too Grey to Be True?” Sexual Violence in Older Adults: A Critical Interpretive Synthesis of Evidence, this article aims to estimate the scope of the phenomenon and the nature of sexual violence directed towards older European adults. The results are presented in relation to public health policies and the response of health professionals to the sexual needs of older adults.

Stemming from the doctoral work of Anne Nobels conducted in Belgium, this type of critical review of the literature employs the techniques of grounded theory and systematic review. This hybrid methodology permitted the inclusion of 28 documents, 16 peer-reviewed scientific articles and 12 documents from grey literature.

The results of this critical analysis of these documents show that the general knowledge concerning sexual violence directed towards older adults is still limited, that the approximation of the extent of the phenomenon is underestimated for methodological reasons and the knowledge of risk factors and individual characteristics of assailants are absent from the reviewed literature.

Furthermore, documents on public health policies and the professional practices that arise from them, omit the sexual and reproductive health of aging adults and their rights in this matter.

If this subject interest you, the article is available for viewing free-of-charge by clicking here:

Finally, the Research Chair team is pleased to welcome Anne Nobels to Québec for a doctoral internship during 2020-2021!