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Marie Beaulieu presents several projects, overseen by the Research Chair, in numerous print, radio, and televised media. (January 2020)

Themes: Media

Throughout December 2019 and January 2020, Marie Beaulieu participates in several radio and television programs to promote new research projects led by the Chair. The following links allow you to consult any of them free-of-charge.

(In French) 6 pm Téléjournal of Radio Canada (TV): Using Virtual Reality to Counter Mistreatment : La réalité virtuelle contre la maltraitance

(In English) CBC-Montréal (Radio): Researchers from Université de Sherbrooke teach seniors about elder abuse using virtual reality

(In French) Canal M – La radio de Vues et Voix (radio): Researching the Mistreatment of Older Adults with Disabilities: Étudier la maltraitance envers les personnes aînées ayant des incapacités

The Chairholder will also participate in many interviews with journalists informing the public about the results of our research concerning the reality of older adults. Here is a shortlist of the different journalistic platforms of Quebec and France that can be consulted.

(In French) Le Devoir (print): Hausse des accidents mortels dans le réseau de la santé

(In French) Slate-FR (print – France): Comment des personnels soignants deviennent maltraitants