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Marie Beaulieu is a lecturer during a provincial conference organised by the Elder Abuse Prevention of Ontario (EAPO)

A 3,5-hour webinar, bringing together more than 200 participants last March the 29th, allowed 4 lecturers or lecturers duos, including Marie Beaulieu, present their views as part of the meeting Amplifying our collective voices « rights don’t get old » organised by the Elder Abuse Prevention of Ontario (EAPO).

This provincial annual conference organised by the EAPO had the goal of discussing the importance of awareness and prevention regarding mistreatment towards older adults, the promotion of older adults’ rights and the fight against ageism.

As an invited expert, Marie Beaulieu delivered a lecture titled Elder abuse as a global priority: Looking at some WHO and UN contemporary activities which had the goal of sharing experience and thoughts on international opportunities that Canada or Canadians can take to advance the knowledge and countering mistreatment towards older adults. This conference’s recording is available at