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The research on mistreatment towards older adults with disabilities’ results are presented to the board members of the Office des personnes handicapées au Québec (Government agency that helps increase the social participation of people with disabilities in Québec) (OPHQ)

On March 23, Marie Beaulieu was received during a virtual meeting of the OPHQ’s board to present the results of the research funded by the organisation as part of 49th measure of the Government Action Plan to Counter Mistreatment of Older Adults 2017-2022.

The report of the research project on mistreatment towards older adults with disabilities has been made public in January of 2022. The meeting of March 23rd was a key moment to present the results since it allowed the board members of the OPHQ and the main researcher of the project to discuss the content as well as the impacts of the research. The highlights were exposed such as the vulnerability and the risk factors, the obstacles and stepping-stones to help request, the short term and long term consequences of mistreatment and the services trajectories. A discussion followed where the importance of answering the needs of older adults with disabilities was specifically mentioned. It was a meaningful sharing moment which clearly shows the importance of dialogue between provincial organisations who have specific missions and the scientific world to understand the contemporary issues from the point of view of people experiencing them and propose actions that better respect the needs of certain parts of the senior population.

Link to the research report:

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