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The Research Report on the project ‘Psychological and Financial Mistreatment of Older Adults with Disabilities in Québec’ is now completed and ready to be made public (February 2022)

The Chair’s Research Report on the project Psychological and financial mistreatment of older adults with disabilities in Québec, funded by the Office des personnes handicapées du Québec, has been finalised.

The complete report (more than 150 pages) and an Executive Summary of the project will soon be made public on the Chair’s website.

The Executive Summary (five pages and two annexes) encapsulates the project’s results. The second annex contains the Chair’s recommendations concerning prevention, detection, intervention, coordination, and research.

In the weeks to come, these documents will be presented to diverse stakeholders such as the Health and Social Services Ministry and the Board of Directors of the OPHQ (Québec Office for the Disabled) etc.

These documents are now available for download: