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The verdict in a case of the financial exploitation of an older adult, in which Marie Beaulieu was identified as an expert witness, is rendered in favour of the plaintiff. (May 2020)

On April 16, 2020, the Honourable Gary D.D. Morrison, J.S.C. (Judge of the Superior Court of Quebec) handed down his judgment in favour of the estate of the late Veronica Piela.

 The newspaper ‘La Presse’ reported that Marie Beaulieu, as a recognized expert, was called upon to present the state of scientific knowledge associated with, amongst other things, the consequences for older adults who are mistreated.

In his findings, Judge Morrison relied on the testimony of Marie Beaulieu by concluding that Ms. Piela had indeed suffered ‘a high level of stress, physical and psychosocial effects, including feelings of insecurity and fear, isolation, loss of mobility, emotional distress and symptoms of depression,’ as presented in evidence by the plaintiff.

According to Attorney Igor Dogaru, ‘This judgment is an important victory for all older adults who are the victims of exploitation and mistreatment.’ He states that this verdict, and the moral and punitive damages awarded, will help dissuade anyone from the exploitation of older persons in Quebec society.

The complete judgment can be read by clicking on this link.