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The Government of France adopts the definition of mistreatment, developed over time and in which Marie Beaulieu collaborated, within a law on the protection of children (February 2022)

The Chair wishes to highlight the Commission’s recent work to counter mistreatment and promote well-being that developed the first evolved nomenclature of mistreatment in France. It was done with a formal, intersectoral approach that sought consensus. The Commission is focused on children, those with disabilities or challenges, and older adults.

Through the law concerning the protection of children, the nomenclature, which includes a generic definition of mistreatment developed over time, sees its legitimacy increased by legislative endorsement.

As a reminder, this adopted definition of mistreatment in France states that ‘mistreatment concerns all persons in situations of vulnerability where a gesture, word, action or lack of action compromises or violates their development, rights, fundamental needs, or health. Such violations occur in relationships of trust, dependence, healthcare or support. Situations of mistreatment may be one time only or sustained, intentional or not. Violations may be committed by individuals, groups or organisations. Violations and negligence may take multiple associated forms within these situations.’

The Chair once again congratulates all Commission members who pushed the boundaries in the fight to counter mistreatment in France by their efforts.