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In March, the Chair offers two conferences and an undergraduate course on the subjects of mistreatment, intimidation, and wellness care of older adults. (March 2020)

On March 27, the Research Chair is offering a two-hour conference on the bullying of older adults. It will be held in Sainte-Geneviève-de-Batiscan and is organized by l’AQDR Des Chenaux (Association for the Rights of Retired Personnes)

Entitled When Bullying Crosses Generations and Environments, this conference is based on the results of the DAMIA research project and the projectImproving the collective life in private seniors’ residence: establishing the needs on the subject of countering mistreatment between residents and the promotion of ‘nicely living together’”In this conference, diverse themes related to bullying are presented, such as the consequences of bullying, the importance of talking about it, and the different solutions to consider.

A presentation of the topic of the ‘wellness care’ of older adults is held on March 18, 2020, in Sherbrooke. This 30-minute presentation introduces several conceptual notions associated with this complementary approach to counter mistreatment. It references the thesis of Sarah Poma Chiquette, a former student at the Research Chair under the supervision of Marie Beaulieu.

Finally, a three-hour introductory course on mistreatment and its various related issues will be given to undergraduates in the social work program at the University of Sherbrooke.