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The Research Chair participates in a Co-development Committee and an Advisory Committee, both directed by Professor Marie-Josée Drolet of the University of Québec in Trois-Rivières. The purpose of these committees is to produce an Ethical Frame of Reference intended to prevent organisational mistreatment. (December 2020)

Throughout 2021, the Research Chair will participate in two working committees that will analyse, in-depth and each according to their mandate, the ethical issues faced by occupational therapists in situations of organisational mistreatment and present possible solutions that could be mobilised.

The first of these committees, smaller in scale, is to co-develop an Ethical Frame of Reference to Prevent Organisational Mistreatment. The second committee, expanding on the work of the first, seeks to further develop reflections and elaborations to the Frame of Reference by offering feedback on the different aspects of the first group’s findings.

This initiative will begin with an analysis of the research data collected by Professor Drolet’s team concerning the challenges faced by occupational therapists in the health and social services network.

To learn more about this initiative, please watch a video entitled Projet de bienveillance des aînés. (In French)