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The Chair publishes the Summary Research Report and the Needs Study from one of its ongoing projects. (July 2021)

The Research Report stems from the project entitled: To Promote ‘Living Well Together’ and Counter Resident-to-Resident Mistreatment: Improving Community Living in private retirement residences.

It is the result of the first of three stages of this project, i.e., to conduct a needs assessment to develop a program promoting wellness and countering resident-to-resident bullying in private retirement residences (PRR).

The research included the participation of three groups of stakeholders in participating PRR:

  1. Residents who have experienced or witnessed situations of bullying;
  2. Employees and managers ;
  3. 3) Outside intervenors who have directly dealt with this type of situation or with residents who have been a target of bullying from other residents.

The report deals with :

  • Manifestations of bullying situations between residents, specifically those who were targeted.
  • Resolution processes of bullying situations between residents.
  • Practices in place in residences to counter resident-to-resident bullying and promote wellness.
  • Recommendations from the three groups of stakeholders to develop a program promoting wellness and countering bullying.

This report is available for download free of charge (Only in French for now).