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The Research Chair submits its 11th Annual Report to the Québec Government’s Secrétariat aux aînés (November 2021)

Themes: Annual Report

At the end of October, the Research Chair submits its Annual Report to its funding agency, the Secretariat aux aînés, which is integrated with the Québec Ministry of Health and Social Services.

The Annual Report reflects the Chair’s mandate to broaden the knowledge that permits a better understanding and ability to counter the mistreatment of older adults. It highlights the Chair’s undertakings in the four orientations of its activities:

  • Research on the mistreatment of older adults and two related issues: bullying and wellness care.
  • To disseminate (orally or in writing) acquired knowledge to scientific peers.
  • Initial training for students in all university cycles or adult education for stakeholders in the health and social services network, community organisations, police services, etc.
  • Knowledge transfer to stakeholders other than peers in the scientific community.

Here is a summary:


  • 8 on-going constituent projects
  • 16 student projects
  • 18 funded projects
  • 41 on-going scientific commitments and one completed commitment
  • The Chair is directly or indirectly involved with 23 or the 52 measures of the PAM 2017-2022 (Government Action Plan to Counter Mistreatment of Older Adults 2017-2022)


  • 64 publications, including:
  • 34 scientific articles, 10 book chapters, 2 books, 11 research reports,1 thesis, 4 training or intervention manuals and 2 editorials
  • 56 scientific communications, 24 by invitation.


  • Contribution to the training of 7 master’s, 6 doctoral and 1 post-doctoral student
  • Contribution to the training of 9 persons as student or professional personnel
  • 76 hours of initial training reaching 226 students
  • 6 hours of adult education reaching 37 participants


  • 6 conferences reaching 473 participants and representing 8.5 hours of knowledge transfer
  • Continued dissemination of tools and practice guides produced by the Chair and its partners
  • 46 media appearances, including a weekly chronicle on Radio-Canada