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Kevin St-Martin and Fanta Fané, two students under the supervision of Marie Beaulieu, each publish an article for the general public in the magazine Encrâge (October 2020)

Drawing from their academic work, Kevin St-Martin (Master of Social Work student) and Fanta Fané (Doctor of Gerontology student) each published an informative article in the most recent edition of Encrâge magazine.

As his thesis, Kevin St-Martin is interested in understanding in what ways older persons react to an awareness-raising activity that presents situations of mistreatment, bullying and ageism through the use of virtual reality. To this end, he puts into perspective the preliminary results of his review of the scientific literature.

Fanta Fané focuses on understanding and documenting the specific issues of domestic violence against female immigrants concurrent with the aging process. Her short article is a perfect initiation to this intersectional issue that encompasses the migration process and gender in the fight against the mistreatment of older adults.

To learn more about their research projects, visit the ‘Research’ section of this website.