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As co-researcher, Marie Beaulieu participates in two projects funded by the Réseau Québécois de Recherche sur le Vieillissement (Québec Research Network on Ageing) (February 2022)

The Réseau Québécois de Recherche sur la Vieillissement (RQRV) allocated a $25,000 grant to Professor Mélanie Levasseur (Univ of Sherbrooke) to conduct a project entitled: Redefining Social Participation in Old Age: The voices of older women and men from the baby-boomer generation as the key to healthy aging?

Its’ aim is to explore the social participation of Québec baby boomers by 1) examining the meaning they give to aging, 2) detailing the hopes, expectations, and preoccupations they sustain vis-à-vis aging, 3) by questioning them on the influence of certain factors on their assessment of aging (age, gender and cultural identity), and 4) by addressing the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on their social participation and their aging.

Marie Beaulieu and six other professors from the University of Sherbrooke, the University of Québec at Trois-Rivières (UQTR) and Laval University will participate as co-researchers.

A second grant of $23,600 from the RQRV was awarded to Marie-Michèle Lord (UQTR) for a project entitled: Co-development of a tool enabling intervenors and managers to counter organisational mistreatment of older adults living in CHSLD-RPA (long-term care facilities and private retirement residences). Marie Beaulieu will participate as co-researcher.

This project is in line with one led by Professor Marie-Josée Drolet of the UQTR entitled: Co-developing a framework for an ethical analysis to counter organisational mistreatment experienced by many older adults in Québec. Marie Beaulieu is also involved with this project.

The results of these two research projects are expected to be made public sometime in or before 2023.