Line Chamberland is professor in the Department of Sexology, at the Faculty of Human Sciences of the UQAM (University of Quebec in Montreal). Her areas of interest include: sexual diversity, homophobia in both educational and workplace environments, lesbophobia and transphobia, sexual minorities and health, as well as gay parenting. She is also active in the Quebec's research field. Some of her research projects are underway. These include a project on population health interventions for young LGBTQs, another on transsexuality and aging, as well as a project on menopause and lesbian health.

It should be remembered that within the context of the major interviews posted on the Chair's website, researchers interviewed talk about their work, the research regarding mistreatment in more general terms, the impacts on public policies, as well as practices related to this area.

This interview with Line Chamberland can be viewed at:

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Josephine Loock holds an MA in economics and management of health and social services, with a major in sociology of aging and a BA in political science. Her studies as well as her years of practical experience have enabled her to develop extensive knowledge in gerontology and more specifically in the field of mistreatment of older adults. Madam Loock will carry out interviews for the Chair with renowned international researchers in the field of mistreatment of older adults.  The interviews will then be posted on this website.

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The launch of Préposés aux bénéficiaires et aides-soignantes : entre domination et autonomie edited by François Aubry and Yves Couturier was held on September 9. This book addresses the core elements of the work of beneficiary attendants and health care aides as currently performed in Quebec, Belgium and France. It aims at highlighting the issue regarding the increased accountability of these professionals despite the lack of recognition of their practice and in a context almost free of opportunities to develop their competences.

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Organized by the Government of Quebec and webcasted live on its website, the Anti-Bullying Forum was held in Quebec City on October 2 in the presence of Premier Philippe Couillard, Francine Charbonneau (Minister of the Family and Minister responsible for counteracting bullying and also for seniors), Stéphanie Vallée (Minister of Justice and Minister responsible for Status of Women), as well as Caroline Simard, Parliamentary Assistant for youth, early childhood, and counteracting bullying. The three main opposition parties have also appointed a member to the working committee

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Maurice Drapeau is a lawyer specializing in human rights at the Commission on Human Rights and for the Protection of Youth’s Rights. As part of his book entitled Contre l’exploitation des personnes âgées ou handicapées published in summer 2014, the author relies on actual situations encountered in his practice to demonstrate how the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, protects the seniors or disabled against any form of exploitation.

Deeply rooted in practice, this book is intended for all professionals working directly or indirectly with human rights organizations: the Public Trustee, the Ombudsman, human rights groups, health and social services centres (CSSS), users’ committees and complaint commissioners. The book is also relevant to older people and their relatives who want to learn more about their rights and the mechanisms to enforce them.

Available in most bookstores, the following reference will allow you to easily find it:

Drapeau, M. (2014). Contre l’exploitation des personnes âgées ou handicapées. Québec : Wilson & Lafleur.

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The Chair’s website will undergo major changes in the next few weeks in order to make navigation and research more user-friendly. There will be a brand new and more dynamic design.

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Organized at the request of Philippe Couillard, leader of the Quebec Liberal Party and Quebec Premier, the forum on bullying, scheduled for October 2, 2014 in Quebec City will bring together different active partners in the fight against bullying. In preparation for the forum, the Ministry of Family asked the Chair to contribute to the discussion by providing information regarding bullying made against seniors, as well as the links that can be made with mistreatment.

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The 50 Years Plus Summit was held on August 19 and 20, 2014 in Edmundston, New Brunswick. As part of the World Acadian Congress which aims to gather and generate the participation of Acadians from around the world, the 50 Years Plus Summit was intended to give special attention to seniors because of the aging population which affects Acadians. During these two days, the conferences addressed the visibility of seniors, the promotion of a positive image of aging and the contribution of older people, issues related to the aging population just as solutions and concrete tools to cope with this issue.

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The 12th Global Conference on Ageing will be held, from June 10 to 13, and is organized by the International Federation on Ageing in India. The Chair will present two lectures:

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