The research Chair on mistreatment of older adults was created on November 1st 2010. It is funded for five years by the Seniors' Secretariat, now the Ministry of Family (MF). It is one of the four structured initiatives of the Governmental Action Plan to counter Elder Abuse 2010-2015. The other structured initiatives are an extensive public awareness program, the creation of the Elder Abuse Helpline (1 888 489-ABUS (2287) with punctual professional response (for older adults, their families, any concerned person as well as for practitioners who want help and support in the performance of their duties) and the deployment of 20 regional coordinators to ensure the implementation of the Plan throughout Quebec. The Chair’s role is to work in synergy with these other actions of the Governmental Plan.

The Chair aims to increase knowledge on the prevention, the detection and the interventions that can counter mistreatment of older adults. More specifically, the Chair aims to :

1. Developing theoretical, empirical and practice-based knowledge on:

- forms and types of mistreatment;

- factors of vulnerability and risk associated with mistreatment;

- consequences of mistreatment;

- profile of the person who mistreats;

- good treatment;

- bullying (including online bullying).

2. Training for current and future practitioners who are likely to counter older adult mistreatment or bullying, in order to enable them to better understand issues related to these two phenomena;

3. Producing a program of evaluative research regarding prevention, detection and follow-up practices against mistreatment of older adults;

4. Disseminating the results to the scientific community and transferring them to the communities of practice and seniors’ associations.