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Organizational mistreatment

Any discriminating situation created or tolerated by organizational procedure (private, public or community institutions providing all types of care and services), which compromise older adults’ ability to exercise their rights and freedoms.

Violence : Organizational conditions or practices that do not respect older adults’ choices or rights (e.g., services are provided in an abrupt manner), etc.

Neglect : Services ill-adapted to older adults’ needs, insufficient or poorly understood instructions on the part of personnel, lack of resources, complex administrative procedures, inadequate training of staff, unmobilized staff, etc

Signs: Treating the person as a number, inflexible care schedules, undue delays in service delivery, deterioration of the person’s state of health (wounds, depression, anxiety), complaints, etc.

NB: It is important to remain aware of organizational shortcomings that could violate the right of older adults to receive care and services, or that could lead to conditions that negatively affect the work of staff in charge of providing care or services.