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Violation of rights

Any infringement of individual and social rights and freedoms.

Violence : Forced medical treatment, denial of the right to: choose, vote, enjoy one’s privacy, to be informed, take decisions or risks, receive phone calls or visitors, express one’s sexual or romantic orientation or one’s gender identity, practice one’s religion or spirituality, etc.

Neglect : Lack of information or misinformation regarding the older adult’s rights, failure to assist the person in exercising his or her rights, failure to recognize the person’s capacities, denial to offer care or services, when justified, etc.

Signs: Preventing or blocking the participation of the older adult in the choices and decisions that concern them, a family member answering on behalf of the older adult, restriction of visits or access to information, isolation, complaints or reporting to various authorities, etc.

NB: Violation of rights occurs in all types of mistreatment. Everyone fully retains their rights, whatever their age. Only a judge can declare a person incapable and can appoint a legal representative. Persons declared incapable still preserve their rights and can exercise them, within the limits of their capacities.