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Violation of rights

Any infringement of individual and social rights and freedoms.

Violence : Forced medical treatment, denial of the right to: choose, vote, enjoy one’s privacy, take risks, receive phone calls or visitors, practice one’s religion, express one’s sexual identity, etc.

Neglect : Lack of information or misinformation regarding the older adult’s rights, failure to assist the person in exercising his or her rights, failure to recognize the person’s capacities, etc.

Signs: Preventing the older adult from participating in making choices and decisions that affect his or her life, failure to respect the decisions made by the person, a family member answering on behalf of the older adult, restricting visits or access to information, isolation, complaints, etc.

NB: Violation of rights occurs in all types of mistreatment. Everyone fully retains their rights, whatever their age. Only a judge can declare a person incapacitated and can appoint a legal representative. Persons declared incapacitated still preserve their rights, within the limits of their capabilities.