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Psychological mistreatment

Gestures, words or attitudes that negatively affect an individual’s psychological well-being or integrity.

Violence: Emotional blackmail, manipulation, humiliation, insults, infantilization, belittlement, verbal and non-verbal threats, disempowerment, excessive monitoring of activities, comments that are xenophobic, ableist, sexist, homophobic, biphobic or transphobic, etc.

Neglect: Rejection, indifference, social isolation, etc.

Signs: Fear, anxiety, depression, withdrawal, reluctance to speak openly, mistrust, fearful interaction with one or several people, suicidal ideation, rapid decline of cognitive abilities, suicide, etc.

NB: Psychological mistreatment is without a doubt the most common and least apparent type of mistreatment:

  • It often accompanies other types of mistreatment.
  • Its effects can be just as detrimental as those of other types of mistreatment.