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Material or financial mistreatment

Illegal, unauthorized or dishonest acquisition or use of the older adult’s property or legal documents; lack of information or misinformation regarding financial or legal matters.

Violence : Pressure to change a will, banking transactions without the person’s consent (use of a debit card, online banking, etc.), misappropriation of money or assets, excessive price charged for services provided, identity theft, etc.

Neglect :Failure to manage the person’s assets in his or her best interest or to provide the necessary goods and/or services as required, failure to assess the person’s cognitive abilities, understanding and financial literacy, etc.

Signs: Unusual banking transactions, disappearance of valuable items, lack of money for regular expenses, limited access to information regarding the management of the person’s assets, etc.

NB: Older adults who are in a relationship of dependency (e.g., physical, emotional, social or business-related) are at a greater risk of being mistreated in this way. In addition to the financial and material implications, this type of mistreatment can affect older adults’ physical or psychological health by limiting their ability to fulfill their duties or meet their own needs.