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Work on updating ‘Quiz 1 – Facts on mistreatment of older adults’ is underway! (February 2019).

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Developed from 2010 to 2012, the Quiz relies on scientific knowledge in matters of older adults’ mistreatment. Since its release, the state of knowledge has greatly evolved, so much so, that a complete update was deemed necessary. Since the fall of 2018, the Chair has been working to reformulate the Quiz, as well as updating the answers in accordance with the latest scientific advances. Initially, a preliminary version was administered to different groups in January and February 2019. Also, a dozen members of the Research Chair, 30 students in the Master of Social Services program and 15 seniors involved with the Sercovie organization were given copies and responded to different questions and then offered their advice on how to improve its’ contents.

Anabelle Rondeau-Leclaire, Master of Social Services student involved with this project, will base her thesis on it. Moreover, the Chair envisions publishing a reviewed and corrected 2nd Edition of the book La maltraitance envers les aînés. Changer le regard