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Work for the ABAM-MF project is progressing well. (March 14, 2017)

«Understand the NPOs’ actions in countering material or financial mistreatment of older adults especially the actions and issues related to volunteering and the various ways in which accompanied older adults perceive these actions in order to identify best practices (or emerging practices) and to empower NPOs and their members (volunteers or paid practitioners) in their actions. »

This project is particularly interesting because it gives voice to all the actors involved in the process of accompanying a mistreated older adult materially or financially: volunteers, paid practitioners or NPO coordinators, administrators, but especially older adults who have experienced a situation of mistreatment. There are very few research projects as comprehensive in terms of points of view, but even more less common are forthright words of mistreated older adults. The methodology used to complete this project includes six key stages:

  1. Achieve a summary of knowledge with a systematic international literature review spreaded over five years;
  2. Collect data in six not-for-profit organizations where volunteers are committed to counter mistreatment in Quebec and in French-speaking Canada;
  3. Data collection analysis;
  4. Identify emerging practices;
  5. Draft a practical guide;
  6. Implement a knowledge transfer plan.

The literature review and the data collection from NPOs were completed in 2016. Due to various issues encountered in the recruitment, including funding – therefore the survival – of NPOs involved in countering mistreatment, only five NPOs have participated in the research project instead of the projected six in the methodology.  For each NPO met, the team has notably conducted individual interviews with volunteers, coordinators or paid practitioners, as well as with older adults who received a voluntary accompaniment, in addition to conducting group interviews with administrators. In total, 49 interviews were conducted with 62 participants. See the research project description for more information.

The team is currently working to complete the knowledge summary arising from the literature review as well as data analysis gathered from NPOs. More specifically, the drafting of the first research report on the case analysis within the first NPO met is completed and is being reviewed. Once finalized, the team will validate the content in a participatory approach with the NPO involved. This process will be repeated with the five NPOs.

Over the past year, the team began disseminating preliminary results for some major activities such as:

  • The 5th International REIACTIS Conference in Lausanne, Switzerland on February 11 2016;
  • The 20th International Conference of the Association of French-Speaking Sociologists in Montreal on July 5, 2016;
  • The 45th Annual Scientific and Educational Meeting of the Canadian Association on Gerontology (CAG) in Montreal on October 21-22, 2016 (2 presentations);
  • The Annual Scientific Meeting of the Gerontological Society of America (GSA) in New Orleans (United States) on November 18, 2016;
  • The Annual Symposium of the Quebec Bar in Montreal on February 3, 2017.

Three other presentations are also planned during:

  • The 85th ACFAS Conference that will be held in Montreal in May 2017;
  • The 7th AIFRIS Conference that will take place in Montreal in July 2017;
  • The 21st World Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics of the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics (IAGG) which will take place in San Francisco in July 2017.

Finally, the Chair’s team wishes to emphasize the remarkable work of Jessica Calvé who masterfully coordinated the ABAM-MF project for the last two years. Having completed his Master’s in Social Work in June 2016, Jessica felt a strong urge to be closer to practice. She then decided to step down in January 2017 to work as a NPO community worker. She handed over the coordinator position to Jordan Bédard-Lessard who is currently working on his Master’s in Social Work while simultaneously working on the ABAM-MF project.


The Chair would like to wish them all the best in their new endeavours!