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Two members of the Chair took part in the 10th Annual NICE Knowledge Exchange

This was followed by presentations punctuated by working group sessions.Marie Beaulieu and Audrey Allard also took advantage of this event to conduct an interview with Amanda Phelan, Co-Director of the National Centre for the Protection of Older People (NCPOP) in Ireland. This interview will be available on the Chair’s website in the coming months under the tab Chair’s Activities – Major interviews.


The day after this meeting, all actors involved in the project Engaged Scholarship: Evaluation of Knowledge Mobilization for Older Adults in the Community (where the Chair plays an active role) held their annual project review.Let us remember briefly that this project aims to make the assessment of tools developed by NICE (see the project description for more details). During that day, the members discussed about the progress of the first phase of the project, including data collection by telephone and electronic means with NICE members. The data collection from 800 respondents was extended until December 2015. For more information regarding NICE tools, please visit their website: