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Three students from the Chair showcased their work and the Chair’s during the School of Social Work’s seminar held at the University of Sherbrooke. (June 2nd, 2016)

Audrey Allard and Marika Lussier-Therrien, who are master’s students of the Chair, took the opportunity to present the results of their essays under the direction of Marie Beaulieu. Audrey’s presentation was on the effects of the In Hand-Respect Seniors Practice Guide (see Audrey’s project description for more details). Marika’s presentation was on the following subject: Older Adult Cyber-Bullying: Reflecting on Strategies and Ways to Counter It and the Social Worker’s Role (see Marika’s project description for more details). Their essays are currently under evaluation. As soon as the final version of these documents is submitted to the School of Social Work, it will be posted on the Chair’s website under the section Written Production.

Caroline Pelletier, a doctoral student under the direction of Marie Beaulieu, presented some Chair’s research related to the seminar’s theme. The conference was entitled: Gerontological Social Work: General Review and Some Examples from Countering Mistreatment of Older Adults.