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Three students from the Chair have just begun their master’s internship in social work in connection with mistreatment of older adults. (September 9, 2015)

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First of all, Audrey Allard’s internship will be done in Belgium with the Respect Seniors team, the Walloon Agency to counter elder abuse team, the Walloon Agency to counter elder abuse. She will adapt some questions of the factual Quiz on aging in the Walloon context in order to make awareness tools which will be validated with the Belgian population. They can subsequently be integrated in the tool inventory used by Respect Seniors in their activities.

As for Adriana Maria Herrera, who will do her internship at the Fédération des communautés culturelles de l’Estrie (Federation of Cultural Communities for the Estrie region), she will rather focus on the awareness of the Sherbrooke’s Spanish-speaking community to mistreatment of older adults. To do this, she will develop awareness activities tailored to the realities of this community. In the framework of her internship, she will be given the opportunity to test a few tools developed by Louise Buzit-Beaulieu in the context of her work as provincial coordinator to countering mistreatment of older adults with cultural communities. She will also participate in various working committees conducted by Mrs. Buzit-Beaulieu.

Finally, Marika Lussier-Therrien will do her internship at the Maison des grands-parents de Sherbrooke (community organization promoting the role played by senior citizens in our society through various activities, including the bridging of intergenerational gaps). She will highlight older adult and youth bullying. To achieve this, she will host intergenerational activities which will be integrated to the calendar of activities proposed by the Maison des grands-parents.

We wish them success in their respective internships!