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Three students are currently writing their essay within the Chair. (February 17, 2016)

Themes: Students

The Chair’s team is made up of 16 persons. Many are masters or doctoral students who are collaborating on research projects or directing one as part of their studies. In January of 2016, 3 students doing their masters in social works at the University of Sherbrooke have started an essay under the direction of the professor Marie Beaulieu, Chairholder. Their work is directly linked to mistreatment towards older adults.

As part of her essay, Audrey Allard aims to verify the effects of the tool En Mains-Respect Seniors (In Hands-Respect Seniors) on the practice of psychosocial practitioners of  Respect Seniors, l’Agence wallonne de lutte contre la maltraitance des aînés (Respect Seniors the Walloon Agency Countering Mistreatment of Older Adults). During the autumn of 2015, she completed an internship within this organisation, which allowed her to collect data from practitioners. She specifically carried out non participating observations  of diverse team meetings, as well as one-on-one interviews with practitioners from Respect Seniors. In January of 2016, Audrey started the analysis of the data and writing of her essay. She aims to complete her studies in spring of 2016. Consult the document on Audrey’s essay to learn more.

Adriana Herrera Duarte is interested in the perception of mistreatment among the Spanish-speaking community. Specifically, her essay aims to answer the following question : Are Spanish-speaking cultural communities aware that certain practice considered valid in their home country can be considered as mistreatment in Québec? Her essay is based on her experience of internship within the Fédération des communautés culturelles de l’Estrie (Estrie’s Federation of Cultural Communities) completed in autumn of 2015. During this time, she realised awareness activities about mistreatment for the Spanish-speaking community. She created diverse tools adapted to the realities of this community, as well as experimenting with an already existing awareness tool created by Louise Buzit-Beaulieu provincial coordinator of countering mistreatment towards older adults in cultural communities. Adriana is currently precising the methodology she will be using in her essay. Consult the document of her essay to stay informed. 

Marika Lussier-Therrien’s essay is part of the Chair’s mandate to answer the measure 5.2 of the Plan d’action concerté pour prévenir et contrer l’intimidation 2015-2018 (Governmental Action Plan to Prevent and Counter Bullying)  which aims to ” document the phenomenon of bullying, as well as online cyber bullying, specifically of older adults, […] ” (Free translation)(Government of Québec, 2015 p. 39). Marika focuses her essay specifically on the documentation of online intimidation among older adults and aims to describe, understand and explain this phenomenon. Ultimately, this will allow to better target education and awareness strategies with older adults, as well as guiding the training with different involved actors in countering online intimidation. In January of 2016, Marika has completed her work plan and the methodology that she will use for her essay. She started the literature review and the writing of her essay as well. Like Audrey, she aims to complete her studies in spring of 2016. Consult the document of Marika’s essay for more information.