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The work of Fiona N. Grenon, on self neglect among older adults, is starting to be shown!

Mrs. Fiona N. Grenon, social worker and student doing her final year for her masters in social work, research profile, at the University of Sherbrooke, was interested about the issue of self neglect among older adults as part of her thesis entitled l’intervention en travail social auprès de personnes aînées en situation d’autonégligence (Intervention in Social Work with Older Adults in situations of Self Neglect). The scientific and social interest in this issue has made possible three reports: an article on the University of Sherbrooke‘s website, an interview on Radio-Canada and an article in the newspaper La Nouvelle.

Here are the links to read and listen to Fiona N. Grenon, who explains the complexity of social intervention with older adults in situations of self neglect (French only).