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The work for the ABAM-MF project, dealing with volunteering within the community-based organizations countering financial mistreatment, is well underway! (January 7, 2016)

The purpose of this project was to document volunteer action in countering financial and material mistreatment of older adults through a synthesis of literature knowledge and a data collection with various key players from six Canadian organizations. Among these players are administrators, coordinators, volunteers and older adults who have gone through a situation of material and financial mistreatment and who have been supported by a volunteer. This will allow to pinpoint characteristics of volunteer practice in these situations and to ultimately improve it.

Several steps of the project have been taken by the research team in the last few months. First, the systematic search, over the last five years, of the international literature in large data bases has been carried out. The inter-rater validation for the selected texts is in progress. Two students were hired for the project: Isabelle Maillé and Jordan Bédard-Lessard. The framework of interviews and the sociodemographic questionnaire have been developed. The whole approach for data collection was approved by the Committee of Ethics and Research of the Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences of the University of Sherbrooke. The six non-profit organizations (where volunteers have been involved in countering mistreatment) have already been selected. During the fall of 2015, the research team has completed the recruitment of participants and has almost finished the data collection within one organization. The analysis of this first case is in progress. The other collections will continue during the upcoming months.

See the ABAM-MF research project page for more information!