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The symposium as part of the research project “développer un agenda de recherche sur la violence entre résidents en milieu d’hébergement (Development of a research agenda on violence between residents in institutional settings) took place in Toronto on May 19

A research grant 2013-2014 (Canadian Institutes of Health Research) in which the Chairholder is co-researcher, allowed about thirty Canadian researchers, accompanied by international colleagues, to hold the first Canadian symposium on a little documented subject:  aggressions between residents in housing environment.

Coming from an international literature review and the excellent presentation of two pioneers in the field, the American researchers Mark Lachs and Karl Pillemer, the participants developed a research  agenda about the magnitude of the issue and its diverse manifestations, the underlying and comprehensive aspects which allow to identify as well as a review of the prevention, detection and intervention practices. Aggressions between residents raise a number of questions on the subject of cognitive impairment and the behavioral symptoms related to it, the physical organisation and the climate in healthcare unit, the staff training, organisational support, etc. Other research activities related to the subject will follow in the next months.