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The Research Chair participates in the training of regional coordinators as well as a forum of partners in the field of mistreatment of older adults (May 2019)

 During the training sessions, Caroline Pelletier, doctoral student in gerontology, presented the first unedited results of her thesis research. She spoke of these results from the situational perspective of elderly women asking for help in situations of mistreatment.

 On May 23, the members of the Chair presented a conference on the diverse facets of vulnerability in situations of mistreatment of older adults. They approached vulnerability as a contributing factor in the development of a situation of mistreatment, taking care to distinguish notions of ‘vulnerable persons’ versus ‘persons in a vulnerable situation’. They also touched upon vulnerability as a result of mistreatment.

 During lunch hour, the Chair also manned an information kiosk to present her guides and other tools developed during the course of its research.

 To see the Chair’s contribution to the forum, please click on this link.