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The Research Chair has the great pleasure of welcoming two new research agents within its team, which are Josephine Loock and Louise Brossard

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Josephine Loock holds a master’s degree in economy and management of the health care and social services, a major in sociology of aging and a bachelor’s degree in political science. Her studies as well as her years of practice allowed her to acquire a lot of knowledge in gerontology and more specifically in the field of mistreatment towards older adults. Madame Loock will realise, for the Chair, interviews with internationally renowned researchers in the field of mistreatment towards older adults. These interviews will then air on this website.

Louise Brossard has a master’s degree in sociology and a bachelor’s degree in social work. She worked as a community organiser for 12 years, she then decided to start researching and teaching. These years of experience allowed her to acquires skills in research, writing, content analysis, synthesis, organisation and communication. Within the Chair, Madame Brossard will work, at first, on realising a systematic review of the literature of scientific articles about mistreatment towards older adults published by Québec researcher to then summarise them and put them on the website.

Louise Brossard