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The paper entitled Older Adult Bullying prepared by the members of the Chair is now available online.

Themes: Bullying

This paper, supported by a literature review, first assesses the state of knowledge on older adult bullying and identifies aspects that distinguish or link the concepts of bullying and mistreatment toward older adults. The second part of the paper looks at the areas of intervention and the scenarios of actions to be undertaken (or to be maintained and improved) to counter older adult bullying regarding prevention, intervention, and support for stakeholders without ceasing the actions of countering older adult bullying which made substantial progress since the introduction of the Governmental Action Plan to Counter Elder Abuse.

The paper was posted on our website in the sections entitled “Written Productions”, and “Research Reports” or “Reports Produced for the Government”, but you can quickly access the paper by clicking here.

All members of the Chair hope you will enjoy reading this paper!