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The National Seniors Council of Canada has renewed Marie Beaulieu’s mandate. (August 6, 2015)

Its main activities are: 1) to formulate opinions on current and upcoming issues on the well-being and quality of life of older persons, 2) to undertake research, convening expert steering committees and hold consultative meetings in order to provide quality opinions that take into account the specialists’ points of view (e.g., seniors, researchers, practitioners, groups providing programs and services to seniors, advisory bodies of provinces and territories, etc. ), 3) to ensure a comprehensive and collaborative approach with all the partners concerned (ministries, levels of government and advisory bodies) in the framework of policy reviews, programs, and services that have an impact on the lives of older persons.

Among the 12 members who sit on the National Council, Marie Beaulieu is the only Quebec representative. Therefore, she has the opportunity and the responsibility to address the specificities of Quebec seniors in the work undertaken as a whole.

We congratulate her for the renewal of her mandate!