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The IPRAS Action-Research project that ended on June 30 is now in a knowledge transfer process (August 3, 2016)

It was aiming at developing a police intervention model in order to improve their practices in countering mistreatment of older adults. The resulting IPRAS model was implemented in all SPVM’s police services in late spring 2016.

In order to ensure its dissemination and recognition by other police services across Quebec, Canada and even at international level, the government allocated an additional $50 000 which has helped to support the production of seven bilingual deliverables and to develop a dissemination plan. These 14 documents (seven in French and seven in English) are therefore available in PDF format on our website and the SPVM’s. We both created a page specially dedicated to the dissemination of the IPRAS model and deliverables. All these documents are also available in print format. We wish to take this opportunity to thank and express our great satisfaction with the work accomplished by Basta Communication for the visual design and by MJB Litho for printing documents.

Documents produced are:

Practice Guidelines for Implementing the IPRAS Model allowing any police service to integrate this model in its practices to counter mistreatment of older adults.

Two research reports, one entitled IPRAS Model Development Synthesis and the other Description of the Model’s Components.

As well as four general reviews that provide a summary (four to eight pages) of key components:

General review: Needs Analysis and Police Practices Inventory

General review: Evaluation Results of the Pilot Model Project

General review: Description of the Model’s Components

General review: Practical and Theoretical Knowledge Learned from the IPRAS Action Research Project

The SPVM also developed the IPRAS Detection Toolkit that is available online in French (English version coming soon), and gives examples of adaptable tools and documents to support the implementation and sustainability of the IPRAS Model in another service police.